About Us


About Us


One team supporting
the revolution of mankind

AI, metaverse, autonomous driving, and smart factory…

We are living in an era of revolution more than ever in human history.

What is the key to enable the keywords of revolution that mankind is passionate about?

That's data, big data.

It is not simply the large amount of data, but high-quality data that is accurately generated and efficiently transmitted to the right place.

If there is no infrastructure that can accurately and efficiently generate and transmit data, all the keywords of revolution will become impossible.

LIPAC is a company who builds the infrastructure which enables those keywords of revolution.

And we make it possible through innovative photonic and semiconductor technologies that we feel proud of.

LIPAC wants to support the revolution of mankind.

To achieve that challenging goal, all team members of LIPAC consistently advance one step at a time.

CEO of LIPAC Park, David Dongwoo

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