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[LIGHTWAVE]23.07.01 LIPAC readies O-SiP optical engines for pluggable 400G transceivers



LIPAC, a South Korean-based company providing optical engine products and packaging service based on the O-SiP (Optical System in Package) platform, has made its optical engines for pluggable 400G-FR4 and LR4 transceivers ready for customer testing.


Based on advanced semiconductor packaging technology called FOWLP (Fan Out Wafer Level Packaging), O-SiP is an optical engine assembly technology developed by LIPAC to enable cost-competitive, mass-production available assembly of high-speed optical interconnect products.


“We are happy to announce that LIPAC is ready to support the customers that need high-end transceivers for products used in hyperscale datacenters,” said Dr. Samuel Choi, CTO of LIPAC. “To alleviate the technical difficulty in optical engine assembly process our customers widely experience, our 400G-FR4 and LR4 optical engines include four-channel EMLs, AWG, PD, TIA and electrical connection inside. In July, LIPAC will start the shipment of these test samples to influential module customers in China, Korea and Taiwan.”



In addition to optical engines for 400G-FR4 and LR4 applications, LIPAC plans to release test samples for 400G-SR4 and CPO-type optical engines in the third quarter of 2023. It is currently developing solutions with big technology companies worldwide.


The O-SiP platform is a response to the rapidly growing optical interconnect market due to the expansion of data centers, increasing use of cloud computing and adoption of big data and IoT.


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