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[HANKYUNG] 23.07.17 LIPAC “Development of core technology for data center low-power, high-speed reduction”


“This is the world’s first successful case of developing a 400Gbps optical engine used in a data center using ‘advanced semiconductor packaging technology.’”

Park Dong-woo, CEO of Lipac, a company specializing in optical engines, recently introduced his company's optical engine, which is about to be mass-produced. Optical engines are key components used in optical communication and optical sensors. It is a high value-added product that converts the form of digital data into light and electrical signals.


Lipac's optical engine is characterized by manufacturing using "advanced semiconductor packaging technology." Advanced semiconductor packaging refers to a systemized package technology that puts several chips in one package on a wafer. It has developed from packaging electronic devices such as semiconductors one by one in the past.


Using the development of the semiconductor industry, Lipack upgraded to O-SiP (Optical-System in Package) technology by applying optical devices for the first time in the world. CEO Park said, "We have secured an important technical bridgehead for developing next-generation products that are ultra-high-speed and ultra-low-power at 400Gbps or higher."


He added, "We have secured productivity and price competitiveness beyond simply developing a higher level of performance," adding, "We have gained a technical and economic advantage in the optical engine industry in the future."




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